Persephone Books


Persephone Books

This is just a little note about a lovely independent book shop in London.

As the title suggests, the book shop is called ‘Persephone Books’ that reprints forgotten fiction and non-fiction usually written by women from the 20th century. The photo above is the swag that me and my flatmate ended up walking out with.

Their books are a little pricey (£12 each, or at the time we went 3 for £30 making them a tenner each), however you can forgive them for this for the beautiful versions they publish of these stories. (Also that, and the fact that they ain’t no Waterstones, and need to survive somehow.) Each book has a beautiful grey cover, with a special painterly pattern inside, that somehow relates to the story. When you buy a book, you can pick up a free corresponding bookmark. They also have a free bi-annual catalogue that you can pick up in store which definitely helps with the decision making, as there are so many to choose from!

So if you’re in the Bloomsbury area, have a little mooch around. I’m sure they’ll be something you’d like the sniff of.

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